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New Mac App – Text Calculator is live

2020 was a hectic year and somehow I didn’t manage to post on my blog, however I was hard at work finishing some of my side projects. One such side project has now been approved and is live in the Mac App Store – Text Calculator.

Screenshot of Text Calculator Mac app processing sums

Do you ever find yourself typing sums and calculations into a well-known search engine? It’s so easy to type sums compared to pressing clumsy buttons on a calculator app, yet who knows what they could infer from your data! Text calculator is a privacy-first calculator that is as easy to use as typing sums into a text box with zero tracking, all on your device. Zero in-app purchase and zero ads too.

Key Features

  • You can use text or natural language: e.g. 2 x 3, 2*3 or 2 multiplied by 3
  • Easy-to-use memory functions: Persistent Memory and Temporary Memory
  • It breaks down your calculation working
  • Touch Bar support so you can type Maths symbols quickly
  • You can combine calculations using brackets
  • Full help guide included detailing all the functions

One more thing

Oh, one more thing… you can select text in any Mac app and replace the calculation you’ve typed with the answer to your sum without ever leaving your app. Simply select the text, go to the active App in the menu, choose “Services” > “Evaluate Text for Calculations” and BOOM. You have your answer without ever switching apps, which is very handy for programmers, designers calculating pixel offsets and anyone wanting to look like a digital ninja in a screen-sharing zoom call.

An AI proto-type

I’d like to go into some of the technical details about the app at a later date. Text Calculator actually started out as a technical exercise for an artificial intelligence project I was working on but I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment. Anyway, please download it. The Mac app is free, doesn’t have ads or tracking and I use it every other day so I’m sure you’ll find it useful too.

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