About Me

I am a creative thinker.

I design, architect and code software.

I’m also really interested in electrical engineering, aeronautics, robotics and 3D printing.

iPhone Developer

I’ve been coding iPhone apps since the beginning of the App Store in 2008. I’m an iPhone app development expert and extremely familiar with the App Development process as I’ve done it hundreds of times over. I’m very experienced in Objective-C and have considerable Swift experience. I’m always keeping up-to-date with the latest Swift developments.

Private Pilot

I’m passionate about flying and have worked hard to get a Private Pilot’s licence during my weekends. I can solo fly a Cessna 152 – a two seater single piston engine aircraft. As part of my pilot training I’ve flown a 300 mile cross-country route without a GPS – just using charts (aviation maps).

What is this blog?

This is my digital notepad of things I’ve learned or what to share about technology or creativity. Often it’s about technical stuff I want to remember later and if other people find it useful, that’s great too!

Say Hi

Follow me on Twitter and say hi if you find any of my articles useful or thought-provoking. I’ve spent hundreds of hours writing posts over the years and I really enjoy it when a friend tells me they found one of my posts Googling for something.