Head shot of Richard Warrender, a London iPhone Developer

About this iPhone Developer

I am an iPhone developer with a keen eye for design working for a top London app agency. With 10 years of agency experience and having built apps for the App Store from the very beginning of it’s launch (2008), I have considerable expertise with native iPhone and iPad apps. Some of the clients I have worked for include innovation companies (IDEO), medical pioneers (Imperial College London) and public broadcasters (BBC, RTÉ) to name a few.

Types of Apps Developed

I’ve developed many apps using numerous different frameworks and here are a few of types of apps I have created: –

  • Drone Support
  • Mapping
  • Airline Booking and Check-in
  • Medical/GP tools
  • Subscription TV Player (Netflix-style)
  • iPad Magazines
  • Financial News
  • Inspiration tools
  • Games
    • Board Games
    • Turn-based Games
    • Arcade Games

All-round Knowledge of Systems

Before being an iPhone developer, I was creating rich web apps and developing backend systems to support the interfaces I was creating. This has given me a great range of additional skills and a deeper understanding of networking and security that most developers are weak in. In particular I am strong in IPv6, SSL encryption, DNS and numerous other technologies that are really important when delivering modern native mobile applications.

Managing Projects and iPhone Developers

Scoping, building and delivering apps on time is something I consider an essential skill I am good at. Having been involved with a young iPhone Development agency as head of development I’m great at ensuring everything goes smoothly with very positive client feedback. At the company’s peak, I was responsible for leading 5 iPhone Developers ranging from Seniors to Juniors and ensuring everyone worked as a team to engineer some great apps.

What Makes a Great App

I believe creating a great app is about leveraging a range of different skills, not just coding to create an app people love to use. As an iPhone developer, I like to have a focus on the details of an application others often skip but are important to creating something that is highly polished and has a premium feel to it. In particular I feel subtle animations and haptic feedback can benefit the usability of apps greatly as users have to think less and can interact with apps more naturally. Design is also important and extends way beyond just how an app looks but also how it functions and can be interacted with.

A Note for Recruiters

I get dozens of recruiters add me on LinkedIn daily which has become so much that I often lose track of them. If you are a recruiter and would like to contact me regarding opportunities, please note I am only looking for permanent iOS work in London, UK as a Lead/Senior iOS developer and above. Potentially I would be interested in opportunities in the US/Bay area too. I am not so keen on the startup scene as I like to enjoy my weekends and to get paid regularly 😛

If after filtering out these factors, you still have an interesting opportunity, I’d like to hear from you. Please email me – richard (at) vividreflection (delete this bit) dot com and make sure it has JOB: in the subject line.